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How Many Objectives Should I Have?

One question I frequently see people asking about Standards Based Grading is how many standards or learning objectives are reasonable for a class. I came up with a back of the envelope calculation to give you and idea what the … Continue reading

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Thermal Imaging Cameras and Temperature

I’m currently working on a project for a company to look at the heating behavior of certain materials and I ran into some fundamental misunderstanding of how thermal imaging cameras work from the company. Sounds like a great topic for … Continue reading

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Current Learning Objectives for University Physics I and II

My colleague, Marlann Patterson, was kind enough to allow me to share her learning objectives for E&M. This is only her second semester using Learning Objectives Based Assessment so she is still tweaking them. I’ve also shared the current iteration … Continue reading

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ReadList and LOBA

I just came across Readlists, which is a free product put out by the people who make Readability. It’s a nice way to compile a collection of web pages into an ebook. What I’m using for is collecting some really … Continue reading

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In Defense of Dot.Physics

A recent post by Rhett Allain of Dot.Physics fame has drawn a number of negative comments and I wanted to address the concerns that came up. The post is titled Does the Slope of a Pyramid Really Matter?  and the … Continue reading

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Jumping on the SBG-Bandwagon

I’ve been following several physics blogs and heard mention of something called Standards Based Grading. According to the posts I’ve been reading it has magical powers and can transform a classroom of disinterested students into highly motivated self-learners. It lightens … Continue reading

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