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Energy vs. Momentum – The Veritasium Video

A couple of days ago I noticed a blog post from Chad Orzel entitled How Deep Does Veritasium’s Bullet Go?.  It links to a video by Veritasium that asks which block goes higher, one shot with a bullet on center, … Continue reading

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Why is Multiplication Harder than Addition?

I’m in the process of writing a couple of blog posts about slide rules, and an interesting questions occurred to me, which spawned this post. Why is addition so much easier than multiplication? The power of slide rules comes from … Continue reading

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Students Are Not Customers

The latest trend among college administrators is to say we need to be treating our students like customers. The idea is that educators need to improve “customer service” in order to give students a better educational experience. This model doesn’t … Continue reading

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How Many Objectives Should I Have?

One question I frequently see people asking about Standards Based Grading is how many standards or learning objectives are reasonable for a class. I came up with a back of the envelope calculation to give you and idea what the … Continue reading

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LOBA and Standards Based Grading

I should probably clarify the distinction between Learning Objectives Based Assessment (LOBA) and Standards Based Grading (SBG). LOBA is a particular implementation of SBG. I want to be clear that LOBA isn’t some brand new grading paradigm that I created … Continue reading

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