ReadList and LOBA

I just came across Readlists, which is a free product put out by the people who make Readability. It’s a nice way to compile a collection of web pages into an ebook. What I’m using for is collecting some really good resources for Learning Objectives Based Assessment (i.e. LOBA or SBG) together for people that are interested in changing how they grade. The best part is loading the ebook onto my iPad or Kindle so I can read them later. Here is a link to my introduction to what LOBA and SBG really are: Intro to LOBA and SBG. I hope you enjoy and feel free to pass this link to any friends interested in joining the party.

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1 Response to ReadList and LOBA

  1. J Martens says:

    Thanks for sharing this — what a fantastic format for sharing. I have been sharing my favourite blog posts one a at time — what a great way to put them together in a complete & comprehensive way.

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