The Six Stages of LOBA

Stage 1: Ecstatic

Wow, I’ve finally found a grading system that makes SENSE! An it matches with what I believe. This is the BEST THING EVER!

Stage 2:  Confusion

Uhhhhhh, how do I get started, what learning objectives should I use, what should I do for assessments, won’t students  blow off the assessments and wait to reassess?

Stage 3: Quivering ball of nerves

Oh crap, my students are doing any homework, they aren’t reading, they aren’t even reassessing.  This is going to blow up in my face, I just know it.

Stage 4:  Outright Fear

Oh nooooooo, most of my students are going to fail and then I’m going to get fired.  Is it too late to go back to using points.  I’m going to have to tell all these irate parents why little Jonny and Jessie failed my class.

Stage 5: Cautious Optimism

Hmmmm, they seem to be getting the hang of this.  I’ve even got a few students on track to get A’s.  I think they are learning.

Stage 6:  Exhausted Happiness

Oh thank god it’s over.  I gave out a lot of A’s, but they all earned them.  They really seem to have learned the material for once.  But next time, next time I’m doing things better so I don’t spend so much time grading.  Is it time for break yet?

PS:  Right now, most of us at Stout are in stage 4.

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4 Responses to The Six Stages of LOBA

  1. This is dead on! One of my classes is definitely in stage four, as well, but thankfully my others seem to have moved to stage five. I think the difference is lots of small objectives and near-daily quizzes in the latter classes, sometimes with multiple objective quizzes per class meeting. Do you find any differences between classes in how they progress through the semester that you can attribute to anything concrete?

  2. J Martens says:

    Love this — I have lived it and appreciate you articulating it. Having a supportive colleague(s) is very important at Stage 4:)

  3. Sally Zimmerman says:

    Love it! It is so you!!!

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